EMerald Quiz 2022 : selection step 2

You have until Feb 21st (included) to take the quiz.


There are 20 questions (single choices or short answers).

  • single choice questions = 1 point
  • short answer questions =2 points, more than 1 answer = 3 points
  • you don’t lose points if you skip a question or if your answer is wrong
  • if you are asked to answer in a specific unit of measurement, write the number followed by the requested unit, for example, if the answer is 78 grammes, just write 78 g
  • you can skip a question and come back to it later (once you submit the quiz, you won’t be able to go back)

You have 1h40 to answer the questions. Make sure you have enough time ahead because you will not be able to log out and log back in.

You must score at least 30% to be considered for the next application step.


Make sure you have a calculator, a periodic table, sheets of paper and a pen.

Good luck to you all.