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The EMerald Master Programme offers companies the oppotunity to become an industrial partner within our industrial network, helping frame and shape the future of the raw materials industry. The industrial partnership network is an intiative that allows companies to directly contribute to costs of educating the next generation of Europe’s resource engineers. The EMerald programme firmly believes that the ongoing development of sustainabilty in the raw materials sector can only be achieved as a collaboration between academia and business and as part of this we invite companies to assist with the education fees of self funded students that show great potential. To become a partner of the EMerald Master Programme’s industrial network costs EUR 8,000/year and all funds go straight to assist with the fees of our self funded students that show the highest potential.

If you would like to find out more about becoming a partner of the EMerald Master Programme Industrial Network, please contact Rosalia Fiorentino at

Companies that are partnered with the EMerald Master Programme Industrial Network.

Companies and research centres that offer internships, technical visits and/or seminars.

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