3rd "Dee Bradshaw - Living Gold " Award

And the 2023 Award goes to ...

This year, the jury has not been able to decide between two excellent students. This is why the Award will go to both:

It’s nice mention that so far, all the awards have gone to female students. This is quite a feat for women, given that cohorts are generally made up of 60-70% of male students.

Before the EMerald master, Vivian did her bachelor’s Degree in Geology at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. For her part, Mellisa graduated from the University of Cape Town with a Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering. Their different backgrounds are a good example of the multidisciplinary nature of the EMerald master’s degree, which aims to establish the right balance between the knowledge of mineral/metal resources and the process-engineering techniques.

We wish them both much success in their professionnal careers respectively in Brazil and in Sweden.





About the "Dee Bradshaw - Living Gold" Award

The “Living Gold” award has been instituted to honour the memory of Professor Dee Bradshaw from the Julius Kruttschnitt Mineral Research Centre (JKMRC ) and her dedication to the EMerald Master in Resources Engineering Program. Dee was extremely enthusiastic about the diversity of cultures and personalities brought together in this program. She was instrumental in instilling a strong team spirit and boundless enthusiasm in the young professionals. She liked to consider them as living gold capable of enchanting our world and developing it in a sustainable way.

Watch Dee’s Living gold Movie.

The Living Gold award consists in prize money offered by EITRawMaterials, world’s largest consortium of industries, research centres and universities in the raw materials sector. It will be awarded annually to the best young graduate from the EMerald Master in Resources Engineering program.

With this first prize, we also inaugurate the EMerald wall of fame where recipients of the award will have their name engraved next to a sample of real gold.