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Launch of the EMerald Programme's exciting new website!

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website and are really excited to hear the feedback and experiences of old and new students alike. The previous Emerald website had been developed over 4 years ago at the very beginning of the programme. At the outset we wanted to ensure that students and prospective students could find the key information on the programme content and make further enquires and applications. As the programme has grown and our experience has expanded with new industrial partners and a large range of exciting theses being written by our postgrads, we really felt that it was time to update the site so it speaks with the same strength and excitement that the programme delivers.

We partnered with the EIT marketing department and a web development agency and started a highly collaborative process where we had the input of all of the academic partners, student insights and EIT assistance to create a new website that really underlined the focus of the programme and detailed what students will attain from joining the programme. We wanted to highlight the excitement of studying across Europe in multiple universities and the opportunity to work alongside some of the world’s top experts in the field of resources engineering. We also wanted prospective students to get a sense of the career opportunities that the programme affords them and give past alumni students a chance to share their experiences and thesis strengths in our collection of past theses. Finally we really wanted to emphasise that the study of raw materials sustainability isn’t just about good job opportunities and traveling across Europe, we wanted people visiting the site to understand that sustainability in the raw materials sector is a crucial part of the drive for global sustainability and that being part of the programme allows students the chance to be part of something that is vital to the future of the planet.

We were also happy that we could get the opportunity to show all the great pictures of our past students learning, developing and having lots of fun 🙂 and we hope these really excite people to want to come and have this experience too.

We believe the new site is the perfect accompaniment to the programme and we look forward to new students seeing the great prospects of studying on the Emerald programme and look forward to introducing many more students in the years to come.

We hope you enjoy navigating the site!