Admission deferral to 2021 due to COVID-19

The outbreak of Coronavirus in the EU and in the world has big implications for the Erasmus+ programme as a whole, including Erasmus Mundus. The closure of higher education institutions as well as the broader measures undertaken in many EU and non-EU countries to restrict mobility of citizens and increase social distancing hamper the regular implementation of most of the ongoing or planned Erasmus Mundus activities.

The EMerald consortium has taken the difficult decision to defer the admission of cohort 8 to the following academic year (Sept. 2021). In other words, we will not welcome any student in Sept. 2020.

It was not an easy decision to make but the uncertainty regarding the lifting of travel restrictions, the suspension of visa services and the social distancing measures has obligated us to take action. We hope to welcome all the selected students next year under the best possible conditions to offer them a high quality experience and,  that there will soon come a time when the COVID-19 will be nothing more but a bad memory in our lives and in our society.